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Sharing Cindy Chapter 17 “She Brings Home Bob For A Threesome”


Cindy had been working at the Harley dealership for about a year and had not only slept with her boss, Louie, but she had also had sex with another coworker, Cliff as well. One of the other guys there, Bob had witnessed a little bit of Cindy’s depravity after a big open house party where she was taken by both Louie and Cliff, one of the bike mechanics. After that party, Bob seemed to hang out around Cindy a lot more and began to pay her a lot more attention. She would come home from work and tell me how he was flirting with her a lot and she thought he wanted to have sex with her. 

During one of our lovemaking sessions, I brought up his name and I could tell she was getting a little more worked up. As I stroked my cock slowly in and out of her, I asked her if she wanted to feel Bob’s dick inside of her. She let out a big moan and but didn’t answer. I pushed in deep and asked if she wanted to feel his dick deep inside of her. She said yes. This turned me on to hear her thinking about another hard cock and I picked up my pace, pumping her full of cum as I thought of him doing the same thing. 

We talked about Bob afterward and she told me she thought he might be a little scared to make the first move. She said she has tried to drop hints to him but that he really didn’t appear to be the type to make the move on a married woman, even after he saw her with Louie and Cliff. We discussed it several times and finally decided to move things along. I told her to invite him over after work on Friday and tell him we were just going to hang out and party a little bit. I figured I could come up with some way to get things rolling. 
Friday night came and Cindy was a little nervous. I told her to relax and just have a good time. No pressure. If things happened, they happened. If not, then at least we could have a few drinks and have some fun. She asked me what she should wear, but I told her that she didn’t want to scare Bob off, so maybe just put on a tank top and shorts like any other night. She came out of the bedroom wearing a thin wife beater tank and a pair of white shorts. While not the sexiest thing, she definitely caught my attention as I could tell she didn’t have a bra on to keep her boobs from swaying seductively underneath the thin cotton. 

Bob stopped over and we had a good time, having a few drinks and even smoking a couple of joints. We were all feeling pretty good when Cindy’s cat decided to start scratching on the furniture. Someone had told us to get a spray bottle and fill it with water, then when the cat began to scratch, spray it with water and over time it would associate scratching the furniture with getting sprayed and hopefully stop. I had the spray bottle in my hands when Cindy started to tease me about something. Without thinking I sprayed her. 

We were all laughing and that’s when I noticed that I had sprayed a small portion of her top and it was becoming transparent. I taunted her again and when she responded, I unloaded with the spray bottle again, but this time I began to spray it directly on her boobs. She was laughing and I turned to see Bob’s eyes get wide as her boobs began to show through the top. She looked down and couldn’t believe what was happening. She acted mad and came at me. Of course, doing this made me soak her completely, leaving her looking like the winner of a wet t-shirt contest. I winked at her and she played along.

She reached down and smoothed the fabric over her tits and said to "Look what you did! My top is soaked. You can see my nipples!" Of course we could. I smiled. Her nipples were now very hard and pushed against the material. 

"Now what am I supposed to do? I am all wet." she said, feigning anger. I knew what to say next.

"well…….you could just take it off. I know I wouldn’t mind and I doubt Bob would care." We turned to see his reaction.

He was put on the spot, but you could tell he was enjoying the show. "I don’t mind," he said. "It’s your house, do what you want." 

She looked at me and I nodded to her. She then reached down and grabbed the hem of the shirt and slowly began to pull it up, inch by inch. Just as the bottom of her tits came into view she stopped and looked up at Bob. "Are you sure?" she asked him. 

He didn’t speak and never looked up from her tits as he nodded his head. She then looked at me and raised her arms, dragging the clinging wet shirt up and over her boobs. Once her boobs were out in the open she pulled it up and off, throwing it at me. She then took her hands and rubbed them over her boobs, acting like she was wiping the water off of them. Both Bob and I were drooling.

"Now that’s much better. Isn’t it Bob?" I asked him.

"Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah." He sort of stuttered out. 

I asked him if he liked her boobs. He smiled like a kid in a candy store and said they were great. 

She stood and began to walk over to him and then straddled his lap on the couch, placing her boobs right in front of his face. "They feel good too. Here, see for yourself," she told him. He just sat there and looked over at me. I nodded and told him to do as she said. She didn’t wait for him and reached down and grabbed both of his hands and placed them right on her boobs. With that he seemed to understand we were both cool with what was happening and it appeared a switch was flipped. All pretense of holding back was gone and he attacked them with both of his hands and his mouth. When he bent to take a nipple between his lips, she let out a big moan and pulled his head in tight against her. 

I sat and watched as they began to kiss and explore each other. Soon it became obvious that the way they were sitting limited them to what areas they could reach on each other’s bodies. She stood and pulled him up with her. She pulled him in for another kiss and I watched as his hands slid down across her naked back and onto her ass. He groped her ass for a minute before sliding his hands back up her back. I stood up and pressed myself into her from behind and reached around to feel her tits. Things were heating up and soon I reached down and undid her shorts. I grabbed them by the waist and slowly slid them down over her ass and then down her legs, letting her step out of them. She took this time to help Bob remove his clothes and when his dick popped up out of his underwear, she grabbed it and began to stroke it. 

I dropped down to my knees and began to kiss and lick her butt, sometimes dropping down to run my tongue over her pussy from behind. She was getting very turned on and her pussy began to literally drip and run down her thighs. She pushed Bob back onto the couch and then she knelt down and leaned over his lap. I came around the side of her and watched as she tuned to look at me as she took the head of his dick into her mouth. She then turned and looked up into his eyes as she began her descent down the length of his dick. He groaned out loud and just surrendered to the sensation. I knew what he was feeling having her sexy mouth wrapped around his dick. Giving head is not her favorite thing, but when she is very turned on she really gets into it. 

I took this opportunity to do one of my favorite things. And that would be burying my cock deep inside her hot pussy. I stepped behind her and grabbed her hips. Watching her head bob up and down from behind was very erotic and I couldn’t wait another second. I felt the heat surround my shaft as it slowly pushed deep inside. I looked up at Bob and he had a huge grin on his face.

It was clear that he was enjoying it and she would pull all the way off of him until just the head of it was lying on the end of her tongue. She would make eye contact again, swirl her tongue around it and then plunge back down onto it. After doing this several times, he leaned his head back and closed his eyes. I could tell he was getting close to feeding her a nice big load. But she had other plans. She pulled off of him, grabbed his hand and pulled him down to the floor with her. I slipped out of her and sat back to see what she was doing. 

She had him sit down on the floor with his back against the couch. Then she stood over him and began to lower herself down. I was sitting down behind her and will never forget the next sight before me. I watched as she reached down between them and grabbed his dick with her left hand. I could clearly see her wedding ring as her fingers wrapped around him. Then pointing it at its target, she slowly began to lower her pussy down onto his hard cock. The image of her ass dropping down as that cock disappeared inside of her is still one of the most stimulating memories for me to this day. 

Then as slowly as she descended, she began to rise up and I could see that his shaft was coated with her juices. All the way back up to the top before she reversed and slid back down onto him. As her ass settled down I could see his balls touching her cheeks and knew that he was as deep as he could get. They began to rock back and forth as she moved her hips up and down. I watched as they picked up speed and after about ten minutes she seemed to be slamming down onto him very hard. She began to moan that she was getting close. When she is close she likes to grind her clit hard against your pubic bone. This sets her off like a firecracker and soon she was screaming out in orgasm. 

I could see his fingers gripping her hips tightly and could tell he was close himself. He bounced her up and down a couple of dozen times and soon said he was close. She pulled off of him and I could hear him whimper when she did, but soon she was kneeling on all fours and had taken his slick cock into her mouth, licking their juices off of it. I scooted up behind her and sank my cock deep inside her pussy. I knew I wouldn’t last very long after watching this so I began to pick up speed. Just about the time I was emptying my balls deep inside of her, he was yelling out that he was coming. Cindy never missed a beat and continued to suck him the entire time he was shooting. 

As he began to slow down she pulled him out of her mouth with a pop and planted a kiss on the end of his dick. I reluctantly pulled out of her and we both fell down on our sides near Bob. We all were coming down off of a great sex high and once we caught our breath we began to laugh. I asked Bob if he was glad he came over and he said we would have to hang out together more often. Both Cindy and I agreed.